Will O The Wisp

There are so many stories claiming supernatural origins of Will-o’-the-Wisps, also known as “ignis fatuus” (Latin for foolish fire), but we think that the scientific explanation for the cause of these ghost lights is more likely to be true! However, we like to think that, like our products, there is something mystical about them!

The most accepted theory, first proffered by Alessandro Volta, who discovered methane in 1776, is that these ghost lights were caused by lightning igniting marsh gases. Well, it’s a little bit more complicated: organic matter under marshes is broken down by anaerobic bacteria producing methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other chemicals such as phosphine gases that are flammable; these seep through the soil and water and burst into these wonderful natural lights.

This phenomenon called ‘bioluminescence’ has given us the inspiration to bring to your home the wonderful way in which nature itself produces awe-inspiring spectacles all around the world making the oceans glow, trees sparkle and forest floors flash.

To the mischievous…